@niallofficial: #TMHT2013us on the plane to America last year

@niallofficial:  on the plane to America last year

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Harry with fans after his workout in Idaho today 2014.07.27


Liam being a little shit. x

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Met One Direction.

I haven’t been in this fandom long enough to be meeting them and I feel bad for the fans that have been in this fandom longer actually.

But when we met them Harry goes “How are you ladies today?” because it was me, Zizzy, Squishi, Mariah, Lynn, and Leche. Louis points to me and goes “That one’s not a lady.”

Congratulations Louis. First person that’s actually caught that upon meeting me.

He did however make sure to ask if I identified as one, which I thought was really sweet of him to be concerned about offending me or anyone else for that matter like that, and I assured him that I do in fact identify as male. That made my day though. Well done, Louis. [x x x]

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Some things never change


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"do you remember that one time when 1d—"

yes. i remember.


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Louis with hands on the hips is very very cUTE ~

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